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DRM Industrial Fabrics manufactures Filter Cloths to cover segments of Rotary Disc Filter. Their function is to recover solids from large volumes of water by applying a vaccum and are used in a wide-range of manufacturing and production sectors but mainly the paper and mining industry.

  • Wide range of materials to suit your application, e.g. PP, PA, PES, shrinkable materials
  • High particle retention with maximum cake release
  • Laser cut material for exact fit
  • Various closing mechanisms, e.g. zip or velcro

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Commonly know machine manufacturers:

  • NFM Disc Filters
  • Eimco Disc Filter
  • Dorr/Oliver Disc Filters
  • Denver Disc Filters
  • Ahlstrom Disc Filters

A disc filter is made up of individual segments that are fixed to a rotating horizontal shaft. Each segment is covered by a filter cloth made from woven material – often shrinkable for tight fit. It is a continuous filtration process where by rotating the disc each segment is submerged into a slurry filled tank. A vacuum is applied resulting in the liquid being sucked through the filter cloth and into the segment. The solids in the liquid remain on the filter cloth and build up a filter cake which dries and is removed from the cloth as the disc rotates. Over time this process wears out the filter cloth which then needs replacing.

DRM can produce Disc Filter Covers in accordance with any samples and drawings that our clients produce.

DRM Disc Filter Covers have been designed and created to give you high particle retention that will maximize your operation’s product collection.

The fabric strength and stability of DRM Disc Filter covers enables them to withstand the pressures during the process.

Our Disc Filter Covers also offer chemical resistance for acid and alkaline environments and fabric wear resistance which enables them to cope with abrasion.

DRM Disc Filter Covers offer optimum performance through good cake discharge as well as their ease of cleaning.

Our Disc Filter Covers are created by our quality manufacturing process with a CAD-controlled laser system and they are put through DRM’s strict quality control system.

DRM Disc Filter Covers offer an enhanced fit, which is created through various shrinkable polyester and polypropylene monofilament fabrics as well as giving a concentrated vacuum on the face area, which is achieved through the application of impermeable edges.

The DRM Disc Filter Covers is manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

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