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A DRM Industrial Fabrics’ Centrifuge Filter Bag is a key piece of equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors and is used to separate solids from liquid streams, dewatering or clarifying.

DRM Centrifuge Filter Bags & Liners are generally used to collect solids and the washing in a contained environment.
Available for all makes and models of basket centrifuges, peeler centrifuges and inverting centrifuges.
  • Wide range of fabrics available with FDA approval
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Custom made to fit your machine
  • Fabrics with good cake release, dimensional stability and chemical resistance
  • Permeability and pore size
  • Laser cutting to minimise fibre contamination

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Commonly known machine manufacturers:

  • Henkel
  • Broadbent
  • Andritz
  • Ferrum
  • Rousselet-Roubatel

DRM’s expert team can supply Centrifuge Filter Bags and Liners to meet all your needs – for all makes and models of basket centrifuges (bottom discharge, top unloader) peeler centrifuge and inverting centrifuges.

We also offer a complete range of fabrics with material, pore sizes and permeability to suit your specific application. Tell us what you need and we will deliver.

DRM manufactures its Centrifuge Filter Bags using a CAD-controlled laser system, under strict DRM quality controls.

A DRM Filter Bag delivers high particle retention that maximises product collection. The product gives optimum performance with good cake discharge and fabric cleaning.

Its enhanced fitting process includes a tailored fit with stiffening and support. Most applications are catered for with monofilament, multifilament and spun fabrics.
DRM’s team will produce your bags in accordance with your samples and drawings – for example, Peeler Centrifuges, Vertical Centrifuges and Inverting Centrifuges.

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