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Filter Belt

The DRM Industrial Fabrics manufactures Filter Cloths for Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters which are used extensively by clients across a range of disciplines, from the waste water sector through to the food and beverage, chemical, refining and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Wide selection of materials – PP, PES, DLW
  • Edge coating to prevent leakage
  • Stainless steel clipper closure
  • Perfect alignment to prevent running-off
  • Rubber coating to protect the stitching
  • Pannevis
  • Delkor
  • Flamtard

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The DRM Filter Belt is used for continuous feed, de-watering of slurry with optional cake washing and high extraction efficiency. Choosing the DRM Filter Belt will deliver you a long and consistent performance.

The DRM Filter Belt delivers high particle retention for maximising solids collection. It also has fabric strength and stability that withstands pressures during the process and fabric wear resistance to cope with abrasion.

Metal clipper closures with Velcro top or bottom flap cover the closure of the Filter Belt and its design also includes resin covered edges and cover stitching holes.

Our Filter Belt has permeability for processing speed, chemical resistance in acid, alkaline and solvent environments and it gives good cake release. Another major plus point for our clients is its ease of cleaning.

Quality manufactured, with a CAD-controlled laser system under strict quality controls, DRM Filter Belts give a wide range of results, which are achieved through adjusting: feed, washing, belt speed, vacuum and filter cloth.

A versatile machine fit is achieved using various types of joint and our clients are guaranteed long and consistent optimum performance, which is achieved through good cake discharge and fabric cleaning.

The DRM Filter Belt is manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

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